Wooden Sunglasses to Shine in the Sun

Wooden Sunglasses to Shine in the Sun

Now wooden watches are not the only accessory that is making a hue splash this new year. Wooden sunglasses are the talk of the town, and they have been for quite some time now with their immaculate designs and precise finishing that makes them stand out. Just like wooden watches, wooden sunglasses are also great for the environment as they are ecofriendly and usually made from recycled wood. Plastic and metal glasses are a far cry from being as friendly to the environment as wooden glasses can be.

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Like any wooden accessory, wooden glasses are definitely a statement piece that define your look and give you a unique flare that you wouldn’t get with regular sunglasses. So what are the actual merits of sporting wooden sunglasses? Here a few positive factors you should consider:

1-     The Hardiness of the Material

Plastic glasses cannot survive a slip or a fall in most cases, which is why wooden sunglasses are great when it comes to the hardiness of the wood material and its astonishing durability. A lot of people rest their sunglasses on the top of their heads when they’re not wearing them, and as many of us have surely experienced, they tend to sometimes slip right off our head and fall down. Many great sunglasses get sacrificed due to this harsh fall and many of them do not survive it. Wooden sunglasses however, can easily survive these falls and with their special varnish coatings they can even get by for a long time without any kind of scratches like other material glasses get.

2-     The Handmade Touch

Just like with wooden watches, wooden sunglasses have a very special element of uniqueness that mass produced steel and plastic glasses simply do not possess. Wooden accessories are difficult to create on a massive scale, which means that most of the wooden accessories you end up with are probably specially hand crafted and created uniquely. This adds that personal touch to your wooden sunglasses that makes you feel unique and wholesome. Since no two pieces will be the same, you can rest assured that the pair of wooden sunglasses that you’ve ended up with is truly one of a kind.

3-     The Superiority of Wood over Synthetics

Usually for people who are plugged into the latest fashion trends and know about the history of fashion, the facts about why wooden materials are superior to synthetics are quite clear. However, if you are still unsure about it and need to have this clarified to you then there are countless reasons why wood is superior over synthetics.

In the world of fashion, synthetic and inorganic materials such as steel and plastic are really not popular in the long run and tend to fizzle out quite quickly. Everything that ever becomes a hit in the fashion world is always organic and naturally made, such as wood. This is why materials like furs and feathers are always more accepted and lauded in the fashion world as compared to metallic and plastic materials.

This is the same reason why a natural and organic material like wood is always preferred in fashion accessories like wooden sunglasses. Not only is that a big merit of getting wooden sunglasses, but the quality of the material of wood also depends on the kind of trees that wood is sourced from. Many woods have their own specific and unique kind of grain and pattern which makes your wooden sunglasses even more special compared to other glasses.

4-     The Incredible Variety

Now when most people think of wooden sunglasses, they think of a general dichotomy between all wooden accessories and non-wooden, synthetic accessories. But that is far from the reality. Even simply within the world of wooden sunglasses there is a huge variety that gives you a lot to choose from despite all of them being made out of wood. There is not only a big variety of colors and designs to use from, but even a great amount of variety in terms of the different types of wood that are used to make the unique pair of wooden sunglasses. With the different variety of types of woods and the grain and pattern, as well as the color of the wood, you will always get a custom pattern on your wooden accessory.

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The Difference between Women and Men Wooden Sunglasses

As we saw earlier with the wooden watches, there was quite a clear difference between the men’s products and the women’s products. Men’s wooden watches were bigger and wider, whereas women’s wooden watches were slimmer and smaller. Just like there are some slight differences when it comes to choosing women and men wooden sunglasses. The difference between the women and men wooden sunglasses is much more subtle than when it comes to watches, and often times it can go entirely unnoticed. However, if you pay close attention then you can easily tell the men wooden sunglasses apart from the women’s.

One of the biggest differences found in men wooden sunglasses is that the bridge on the nose of the sunglasses is usually wider as compared to women’s. In regular sunglasses this difference is somewhat hard to spot, but this task becomes a lot easier to carry out in wooden sunglasses since wood is a thicker carved material and you can visibly see the clear difference in the width of the bridge.

Another very clear and noticeable difference that you will find is that the women’s wooden glasses are much bigger than the men wooden sunglasses. This seems a bit against the common sense and knowledge since it is the reverse in the wooden watches where the pieces for men are usually the bigger ones. The women’s wooden sunglasses aim for maximum coverage of the face. So when you see women’s sunglasses, you will notice that they not only cover the eye area like most other sunglasses do, but rather they extend beyond the eye and often cover the eye brow area and the under eye area completely as well. This is something you will not find in men wooden sunglasses, as they are short and precise and only try to cover the eye area and hardly extend beyond that parameter.

The women’s wooden sunglasses also have a trend of sporting more round and curvy shapes. So when you look at women’s wooden sunglasses you will find more circles, ovals and oblongs as the shapes of the frames. However when it comes to men wooden sunglasses, you will find them to be mostly cubical and of square and boxed up shapes. There are some exceptions to this rule of course as you will see some women’s sunglasses being more square shaped too. However, in men wooden sunglasses, it is very rare and almost impossible to find more round and oval shapes because they do not go well with the traditionally masculine silhouette or aesthetic.

Another difference that is not only found in wooden sunglasses but in regular sunglasses as well is the difference in the choice and personalization between the women and men wooden sunglasses. In women’s wooden sunglasses, you will usually find that there will be more crystals, beads, gold trimmings and other such embellishments that make the glasses stand out more and shine more. These kinds of extra added embellishments are never found in men wooden sunglasses, just like it is a rarity to find them in regular sunglasses for men as well. With men wooden sunglasses you will find straighter lines when it comes to the frames and less curves and embellishments that adorn women’s sunglasses.

The frames of the men wooden sunglasses also come with less color choices as compared to women’s wooden sunglasses. Men wooden sunglasses usually come in neutral colors and don’t offer a very wide variety when it comes to color selection in general. This is not the case for women’s wooden sunglasses as you can find a wide array of colors, and even nontraditional colors like bright neon colored frames to choose from. These differences can seem very subtle once you actually go shopping for wooden sunglasses, but with a keen eye and some attention to detail you can easily spot them.

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