Wood Fashion in 2019: Wooden Accessories Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Wood Fashion in 2019: Wooden Accessories Taking the Fashion World by Storm

Updated on December 26 2018.

When you think of wood, fashion is not the first thing that comes to mind. Wood is mainly used as a raw material for making furniture and home interiors, but hardly ever thought of or imagined outside of that scope. However, that is a fact that is fast changing as we enter the glorious new year of 2019 and wooden accessories have now become a thing of the fashion lime light.

Wooden accessories are not an entirely new phenomenon, there have always been a few odd ball wooden accessories or fashion pieces that have existed for quite a few decades now. However, the sheer size and glory that wooden accessories have now reached in present time is previously unmatched and it is truly a novel phenomenon in its own right.

Wood Fashion in 2019: Wooden Accessories Taking the Fashion World by Storm 1

So why accessories? The answer to that question is quite simple and requires very little reflection since most of major trends today revolve around the correct kind of “accessorizing”. Accessories are a tremendously huge part of today’s fashion and it is the first thing people think of and take note of when trying to create a signature fashion look for themselves. So it makes sense for wooden accessories to have gained so much traction as a separate phenomenon of their own due to the already large popularity and importance of accessories in the current fashion climate.

Wood may not have been the go to material when it came to the manufacturing of fashion wooden accessories, but when you ask any fashion guru, you will get the same shock and surprise at why didn’t this phenomenon take hold earlier? Wood is an incredibly versatile raw material to work with and the possibilities are nearly endless. Just the fact that there are so many exotic types and varieties of wood give you a mere glimpse into all the diversity that wood as a raw material has to offer the fashion world.

Picking the right kind of wooden accessories to go with your overall ensemble can really brighten up your overall look and add that extra flare to your outfit that was previously missing. You can express yourself so easily with your choice of wooden accessories. For example, you can go for an earthy and natural look by picking a wooden bracelet or necklace that really shows off your love and connection with nature and the environment.

Wood Fashion in 2019: Wooden Accessories Taking the Fashion World by Storm 2

On the other hand, you can let your minimalist and chic style side shine through by choosing a very polished and minimal looking wooden watch to accent your outfit. The sheer number of possibilities is endless and just by changing the type of wood, the design of the wood and the cut of the wood you can change your entire look and the vibes it gives off. That is the true beauty of using wooden accessories to supplement your personal fashion and your overall look to express yourself.

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