Why you should be buying a wooden Sunglass in 2019

Why you should be buying a wooden Sunglass in 2019

Just about everyone has a sunglass as an essential part of their outfit. The importance of this little piece of accessory goes beyond just the fashion point of view. Sunglasses protect the eyes from the negative effects of sun rays and to this end; Sunglasses can be considered a stylish yet health beneficial accessory.

Sunglasses are made from an array of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. While wooden sunglasses are the most unique, they are also the rarest to find as they can hardly be mass produced, unlike the plastic and metal sunglasses.

Today, plastic and metal sunglasses have become so rampant that over 1 million people in the world can have exactly the same metal or plastic sunglasses. On the other hand, it is impossible for two people in the world to have the same type of wooden sunglass.

If you decided to jump on the now recognized fashion benefit of wooden sunglasses, you’d be sending a message of class, fashion suaveness and uniqueness to everyone who sees you. Not to mention that wooden sunglasses have no template and are entirely reliant on your needs and the manufacturer’s creativity.

With a plethora of wooden designs available to sunglass enthusiasts, it is safe to say that wooden glasses have customers spoilt for choice.

Think about it!

Would you rather be regular and fit into the crowd or be unique?

Plastic and wooden glasses often trend and then lose value then fade into oblivion. Wooden glasses are not susceptible to rise and fall in trends. Regardless of the season, style and demand – a wooden sunglass would look as good in summer as it would in winter, spring or autumn.

Wooden sunglasses are the ultimate vintage style luxury accessory. Unlike metal or plastic sunglasses where you have to worry about what shades would work best for your outfit, wooden sunglasses go with anything you wear.

So should you be buying a wooden sunglass?

Well, it depends!

  • If you are looking to break the norm of the fashion industry with a durable accessory that reeks of awesomeness, then you should use wooden sunglasses.
  • Not only are wooden sunglasses fashionable, they offer an air of authenticity to your entire ensemble.
  • Wooden sunglasses are by far better in material quality than metal or plastic sunglasses which are made from synthetic materials. Seeing as wooden sunglasses are handcrafted, each one has its unique style and design.
  • Plastic glasses are going out of style because everyone has the same one. Wooden glasses, however, are here to stay!
  • Wooden sunglass frames are in such high demand today because unlike plastic glasses where you can only decide what color tones you want, with wooden sunglasses you can choose what kind of wood texture you want yours to have. So you can have a maple sunglass and get your loved one a sandal, bamboo wood sunglass.
  • The synthetic materials used in making plastic or metal glasses can cause skin reactions and allergy for some people. With natural wooden sunglasses, this is something those people never have to worry about.

Why be regular when you can stand out?

Why contemplate what sunglasses would match your outfit when you can have a one style fits all?

Wooden sunglasses are actually eco-friendly and unlike the more popularized sunglasses that are made of synthetic material that pollute the ecosystem during and after production, wood can be sustainably sourced and most of the time wooden sunglasses are made out of reclaimed wood. Most companies that are manufacturing wooden sunglasses and frames are doing so in ways that are renewable, reduce harmful emissions and overall, better for the environment.

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