We plant one tree for every product sold

We plant one tree for every product sold

Did you know that there is more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere today than at any point in the last 800,000 years? Deforestation has been a problem for a long time, but its effects are being seen by the world only recently. As the change in climate and destruction of the ozone layer continues to increase day by day, we can no longer ignore its effects.
While deforestation is being done on an everyday basis in different parts of the world, the Amazon rainforest is being targeted the most and millions of trees are being taken down in that forest every day. The Amazon rainforest is being mentioned explicitly here because it has a huge role to play in stabilizing the earth’s climate and slowing down the global warming by fixing carbon dioxide levels and producing 20% of the world’s oxygen in the process. However, industries from around the world are taking down trees every day to achieve their capitalist objectives. Hence, it is important for the world to co-help deforestation.
Many businesses have already started working on preserving trees by producing and selling environmental friendly, sustainable forest products. For example, wood watches are being sold in order to sustain the trees by planting one tree for every wooden watch for men and women sold. We will get further into this in a while. First, let’s discuss why it’s important to sustain rainforests and trees and what impacts do deforestation really have on the world.

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Why is it important to sustain the forests?

We all know the importance of trees and how they benefit the Earth by balancing carbon dioxide levels and producing a huge amount of oxygen. Trees are also essential for balancing the world’s climate and protecting the ozone layer from the damages that come from the rising rates of industrialization. Harmful gases and chemicals emitted from industrial activities, production of various materials, burning garbage and usage of vehicles are some of the biggest factors of the destruction of the ozone layer that in return contribute to massive changes in the overall climate of the world.

There is more to it than just benefit to the climate…

The concern doesn’t just lie over the issues of climate change and destruction of the ozone layer. The effects of deforestation go beyond them and have an impact on many other aspects that are not brought into attention when usually discussing the subject.
So here are some of the elements that are being negatively impacted by the cruel act of deforestation. Let’s break them down in numbers, shall we?

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  1. Trees play a vital role in apprehending rainwater as well as decreasing the risk of occurrence of natural accidents including landslides, floods, etc. This happens because their root systems are like filters for the pollutants. They remove the pollutants and slow down the absorption of water in the ground. The process helps in preventing dangerous water led to soil erosion and decreases the risk of flooding. Fun fact: A mature and evergreen tree can obstruct more than fifteen thousand liters of water each year, according to the Food and Agriculture Association of United Nations.
  2. Trees have a social impact as well. The forest industry is a provider of endless job opportunities to people like arborists, loggers, and researchers. Forestry does not only help create employment opportunities but also helps to provide a substance called timber for building houses and shelters, and wood for heating and cooking purposes. Trees also produce nutritious edible items like fruits, berries, leaves, and nuts to consume for all living creatures.
  3. Research shows that patients admitted to hospitals with a room overlooking trees and greenery recover much faster than those who don’t have access to nature’s view. That’s amazing, right? The fact that the beauty of greenery and nature, in general, ignites a calm feeling in a human cannot be denied. The feeling of walking through a calm place surrounded by trees gives you a sense of peace. Hence, trees help decrease stress and anxiety by reconnecting with nature. Also, the shade provided by the trees’ coverage helps shield our skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun which is ever increasing.
    These are some more benefits of trees to the world and reasons convincing enough for why trees should be preserved and the action should be taken to combat decades of deforestation.

How you can contribute:

We plant one tree for every product sold 3
In partnership with

Let’s shed some light on how different businesses, multinationals and other ventures, big or small, are contributing in sustaining the forests and building strategic plans to restore and preserve trees.
The fashion industry has been at its peak in recent years. Many of the current trends are old-school and contemporary. Wooden watches for women are one of the rising accessory statements nowadays. A good, reliable and finely tailored-to-perfection watch is the go-to, effortless accessory for both men and women. It’s a necessity for many as well to keep track of time because ‘time is money’. Hence, whether you love pulling off a nice wooden watch on your wrist or like to collect them, wooden watches for men and women are the one to go for. They are comfortable, classy, and unique and designed to perfection.

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How does it work?

Wooden watches for men look classy on both casual and formal attire. Wood watches co help deforestation and this is how: the company you buy a wooden watch from plants a tree for every product sold.
There are many other ventures that are implementing similar strategies to plant trees and restore rainforests for a better future for all upcoming generations. So play your part and contribute to the cause by visiting our collections and purchasing a nice wooden watch for yourself and your loved ones and help save the earth for good!

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