Why You Should Give Wooden Watches a Chance This Year

Why You Should Give Wooden Watches a Chance This Year

Wearing something like wooden accessories seems like a big reach and it definitely requires you to step out of your comfort zone. However, wearing wooden accessories can have a lot of trendy benefits and also make you stand out of the crowd in a really unique way. So before you write off wearing wooden accessories this year, you may want to take a look at some of the big advantages that it has to offer your personal style and look. Here are some of those advantages:

1. Each Watch is Different

The best thing about wooden watches is that every piece has an element of uniqueness to it. So although, you will find a huge variety of metallic watches made of steel, they are usually all the same. Since steel watches are mass produced, they all end up looking more or less similar to each other. So when you opt for a regular metallic watch, you are choosing conformity and it won’t really make you stand out like a custom accessory.

If you are a fan of uniqueness and adding your own personal flare to your wrist the wooden accessories, particularly wooden watches, are the thing for you. Wooden watches are usually made by hand and not produced on such a big scale as the regular kinds of metallic watches, which makes them all very special and unique.

Even when wooden watches are mass produced, there is still a guaranteed uniqueness in the way the end product will look because of the very nature of wood. Not all wood is the same, and each type of wood has its own color, tint and grain pattern that differentiates it from the rest.  So when you’re sporting a wooden watch on your wrist this year, you can be sure that yours is one of a kind and that no one else will have a watch that is exactly like yours.

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2. Wooden Watches are Perfectly Friendly for the Environment

With 2018 approaching, climate change is becoming an increasingly harsh reality which all of us residents of the earth have to acknowledge and work towards bettering. Having said that, it is high time for all of us to be very responsible and careful with what kind of products and brands we choose. This is why we have to also be careful about what kind of fashion accessories we want to not only look good in but promote for the wellness of the planet.

Wooden watches are created and brought to you by using the most environment friendly materials and processes that steel and plastic watches cannot even come to close to competing with. The manufacturers of wood use materials from an incredibly large variety of wood, and most of these woods are recycled and responsibly procured instead of using new wood. Most of the watches are made using discarded wooden furniture and wooden structures from buildings which reduces a lot of pollution and puts all that discarded wood to great use.

Wearing wooden watches really reduces a lot of stress on the environment because it is biodegradable and can easily decompose when left out in a landfill. Plastic and steel materials left over from other kinds of inorganic watches don’t decompose as easily and can really aid in polluting the environment. So if you are an ecofriendly person, wooden watches are the perfect fit for you.

3. The Luxury of the Wooden Look is Unmatched

It is a well-known fact that wood is a luxury material that is always specially requested when it comes to home and interior designing. People looking to add flare to their home always opt for wooden furnishing and wooden accents to their interior, and the reason behind this is quite clear. Wood has always had a luxurious look and feel, which something ordinary steel or plastic watches can never offer. So if you are in the mood to adding a luxurious and glamorous flare to your overall look, go for the chic wooden watch.

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4. It Goes with Everything

Metallic watches can have a stunning look of their own, but when pairing metallic watches with a particular outfit one has to be careful and keep certain factors in mind. If the outfit is comprised of warm colors, you cannot wear silver metallic with it, you must instead opt for a gold metallic watch. Similarly, if your outfit is giving off cool color vibes then you have to pair it with a silver or a black metallic watch.

This really limits your options if you bought just one type of watch and wanted to pair it with a large diversity of outfits. This is where wooden watches really have an upper hand since wood matches with anything and everything. You don’t need to have a specific color coded outfit that a wooden watch can be worn with, you can wear it with any color and tone of outfit you have at your disposal.

Wooden accessories, specifically wooden watches are great with almost any type of outfit. This is because they are made from natural material that is also in a neutral color. The neutral tone and the neutral color of the wooden watch make it a good match for a wide variety of outfits.

5. Great for Sensitive Skin

A lot of people avoid wearing jewelry and accessories because they get allergic reactions to the metals and the plating that is on some of these accessories. Sometimes different kinds of metals can also change the color and the texture of the skin if worn too long. Wooden watches are excellent for people who have all of these allergic reactions. Wood is a material that is completely hypoallergenic and safe to be worn on your wrist especially if you have sensitive skin.

6. Wooden Watches are Timeless and Traditional

Wood is something that’s timeless and it stays in fashion no matter how much time passes by. So if you buy a wooden watch this season, you might not have to throw it out that fast and may even be able to pull it off all the way through the decade. This is because wooden watches give a timeless and traditional look that never gets old or boring.

7. The Physical Advantages

Wood as a material is very versatile. Plastic watches are the most fragile because they can easily be broken into the smallest pieces that can leave them beyond repair. Metallic watches like those made of steel are slightly more durable in the sense that they don’t break down into small pieces and is more malleable. However, even steel watches can get bent out of shape and be nearly impossible to repair after they lose their shape. Wooden watches have none of these drawbacks because wood is a very sturdy and durable.

Wooden watches will withstand the harshest fall or hit and remain intact. This quality makes wooden watches last very long so you can use them for quite a long time without worrying about any repairs. And since wooden watches are timeless fashion accessories, this makes it the perfect combination with them being virtually indestructible.

Not only are wooden watches durable, they are very light weight compared to metallic or plastic watches. This is a great quality to have in a watch since it leaves no weight on your wrists and leaves them light and free to carry out any task throughout the day without feeling like they’re being held back. The lightness in the material of the wooden watches are also great for people who suffer from any sort of chronic wrist pain or discomfort.

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